Everyone knows Mahjong. The Asian game became extremely popular in the past few years. Mahjong Connect adds a few twists to make the experience more fun and challenging. It combines multiple tricks to make the game engaging, challenging and fun.
Mahjong Connect game is rather simple with no additional settings, game modes and other perks. Players can just start fresh and progress trough out the levels. Each completed level takes the player to the next one. The difficulty tends to increase with each completed level. Also, the layout changes from game to game. If the first level seems easy, the difficulty starts increasing to make the game more challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Mahjong Connect is a simple game but the amount of work invested showcases the attention to detail and user experience. Even with just one game mode available, it is fun, engaging, rewarding and has a pleasant visual aspect. For a flash game, the graphics are up to the standard of a regular PC Mahjong game.

Even if the layout is changed to create a progressive difficulty level, the game remains the same. Players still have to match identical tiles to remove them. Placed in layers, the user will need to clear the superior one first to get to the one beneath. Also, the times cannot be clicked if they are blocked from both left and right. To make it even more interesting, a timer has been added to motivate players to try to beat their own records over and over, giving it great replay value.

Being a flash game, it can be loaded even on mobile devices such as high resolution smartphones and tables. I can be players not only on a computer but also on the go. Just like other flash games, it does not require installation, the instructions are very clear, it is easy to play and it can become addictive.